Secret Santa – What will he bring?

In our office later today we’ll be enjoying ‘Secret Santa’ This is a chance to raise a smile by exchanging gifts with each other and perhaps raise a few more while trying to guess who bought what for whom! The specifics were all determined weeks before through a secret draw of names from a tub. This was followed by complete secrecy of purchase and wrapping, then camouflaging of handwriting on tags and finally furtive placement of parcels in the designated Santa sack.

Excitement has mounted round the office, and there was even an attempt or two to try and coax clues from participants!

And finally the day is here – What will we all get and who has been the most thoughtful, funny or clever?

Jonathan Lynne

Jonathan Lynne

Working on the Giving & Living show certainly provides us all with lots of inspiration for gifts. I cant help but wishfully notice certain items as I move them between folders on my monitor. But with a budget of a fiver my hopes for this cute charm, to add that final touch to my Christmas day outfit, are likely to be dashed. I’ll probably get a soap on a rope like last year! No, really I did! – I think it was irony or some kind of deeply hurtful personal comment 🙂

Your turn!

Is ‘Secret Santa’ something enjoyed at your place of work, or do you have another interesting, fun or even weird annual custom? – Please share!

If anyone is bold enough to let us into their work place Christmas custom I’ll share with you some of our Santa’s Secrets in the New Year – GO ON!

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