Giving & Living opens its doors tomorrow!

Giving & Living opens its doors

As you can imagine, we’re madly busy behind the scenes getting everything ready, so we won’t take up too much of your time. We just want to remind you of all the great reasons why you should visit the show this year:

Hundreds of exhibitors.
Our new Coastal Path.
47 first time exhibitors.
11 Newcomers.
55 Designed & Made in Britain exhibitors.
31 Naturally exhibitors.
More exclusive show offers for you to profit from than ever before.

We’ve got everything YOU need to please YOUR customers!

Bridget Wilkinson Show offers The Milford Collection

Everything you need to make the most out of your visit is here on the website, including a list of the exhibitors you could be seeing.  With two halls and four days to visit, it’s easy to get around the show and see everyone.  The show is also easy to get to – especially as the snow seems to be staying up North, and the train strike isn’t until later in the month!

It’s time we got back to work, and to getting everything ready for you.  We hope you’re looking forward to the show as much as we are, and we’ll see you there!

Setting up the marquee at Westpoint

Setting up the marquee at Westpoint

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