What WE are really good at, according to YOU!

“The show is excellent, great atmosphere, good setting, good pace with time to get to know suppliers.”
“There is a good mix of products to suit most tastes and pockets, its at a good time of the year.”
“Plenty to see but not too large as to be difficult to get round to everything.”

I think the three quotes above epitomise what you said when asked about the strengths of the Giving & Living show in our survey this year.

On a practical level loads of you also talked about the venue. How it is easy to find, accessible and has ample free parking. You said that the show is, “well laid out with a good spread of suppliers.” One surprise was the couple of comments which referred to the show being an ideal temperature, “not too hot”!?

There were comments about how good the catalogue was, although a few of you would like it available before the show. I wonder how common this is, should we be considering it for this year?
If you feel strongly either way please leave me a comment.

The concept of space came up a number of times and I wonder could there be any connection with the greater amount of space in the South West generally. That feeling of space around us that we maybe recreate when organising events?!  “There was space to see the stands clearly, room to sit and think about the orders”, “plenty of space”and “space to move around”

How does this link with the comments about the shows’ relaxed and friendly atmosphere? “More time to view and stop to ask about the products.”  “Its relaxed atmosphere” “Feels friendly!”

The show seems to be an ideal size for many of you. For some it has, “every supplier over a huge range is there, so its much better than going to smaller ones.” While for others it is, “More intimate than the larger shows. Not having that feeling of having to rush through everything is a benefit.”

The show is popular with those who find some of the larger shows “exhausting” or “confusing” As someone put it, the show is “Good for small businesses to get in touch with smaller suppliers who might not be at the bigger shows.” “Small enough to not be exhausted”

While for others the show is, “A precursor to the Spring Fair at the NEC to get an idea of what the latest trends might be and then look for them at the NEC”

This was echoed a number of times, “Pre Birmingham date but with many of the national brands meaning I can get some buying sorted before going to the NEC.” “It gives me time before the Spring Fair to see suppliers new and old to place orders which I can then ‘tick off’ – cutting down on my time at the Spring Fair – and starting the deliveries rolling in for the New Year.” “Its great to get a few orders done and ahead of the spring fair hoards”

Whether you come to Giving & Living because it’s bigger than any other show in the region, or whether you come because it has some suppliers that you wont find anywhere else and it’s an excellent preview to other shows, we hope you continue to find it, “Very well organised and very professionally laid out. With excellent staff who are always willing to help.” 🙂

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