To seat or not to seat?

February seems to have flown by, despite the extra day this year!

Giving & Living seems a warm fuzzy memory and for some of us even Spring Fair is now slipping in to the distance.


I asked a colleague what changes they had noticed at the largest gift fair in Britain and ‘more seating’ was the answer. My ears pricked up as just that week there had been discussion about whether to increase the casual seating at Giving & Living next year. We had noticed that a new area of relaxed seating had been much used near the entrance to Hall B and maybe a similar area should be created just inside Hall A? As yet this is just an idea but I decided to look for evidence that there is a need or desire…..

I have received lots of helpful responses to our post show survey so decided to look through the comments for anything relating to seating.

This comment stood out as being the only one! “More seating with tables for meetings etc”. And a further 3 or 4 people said there needed to be more seating in the catering areas especially for busy times of the day.

So what did I learn – NOT, that there is a huge demand for more places to take the weight off your weary feet while at the show – but, how valuable feedback from visitors is, in deciding what changes to make – or not to make – for the show next year.

Of course any survey is only an indicator of the overall picture and on this occasion people were not asked directly about seating, so if our initial hunch to expand the general seating available was right please make sure you comment below so we can take your views in to account or at least continue the debate – to seat or not to seat? 🙂

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