South West specialities …

There’s sun, sand and sea in abundance in the South West, well this week there certainly is! Did you know that yesterday was the hottest 29th September for 116 years?

We’ve the English Riviera, the Jurassic coast and Cornish beaches all within the region and part of our identity. Perhaps this is why the Giving & Living trade show offers an unrivalled selection of products for the Coast and Tourism market.

But what else does the South West specialise in? Good food and local produce. That’s why this year at the show we’ve introduced an area of food specialities from the South West. Here you will see food and drink gifts that are produced and beautifully packaged within the region. We know how keen people across the country are to eat from the bountiful South West larder!

The South West also has it’s hidden gems, it’s new companies, it’s new products, as yet to be seen at a trade show. To help you mine this rich seam of innovation and creativity we have established a newcomers area, with special incentives and support to encourage into the light those regional gems the rest of the country will be delighted by.

Both these areas add a South West speciality to the show that makes it perfect for those in the region and a ‘must see’ for those from further a field (or a motorway or a train track!)

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