Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is getting awfully close now, and time is running out for buying those all important Christmas gifts!  If, like me, you don’t know where the time has gone, and you’re all out of ideas, you may be looking for some inspiration.  Looking through the exhibitors at next year’s Giving & Living trade show, we’ve got some great suggestions for you!

Burns Crystal Decanter My English Summer

My Dad is partial to a nightcap, so a lovely decanter by Burns Crystal would go down a treat.  When it comes to my Mum, My English Summer do some beautiful toiletries, which I’m sure she’d love.

The Puppet CompanySuki Gifts

My nieces would love the puppets from The Puppet Company, and I know my godson would love the fluffy tiger from Suki Gifts. I’m wishing he was younger so I had an excuse to buy a pair of the adorable shoes from Daisy Roots!

Daisy Roots Baggee and Doggee

I’ve even found something for my friend and her dog – the clever little accessories from Baggee, which mean you’re never short of a little plastic bag when out on a walk.  After all that mental shopping, I think I deserve to sit down on the sofa, light some Price’s Candles, and have a cup of tea in one of the adorable mugs from Giddy Sprite, don’t you?

Prices Candles Giddy Sprite

Why not take a take a look at the exhibitor list for some more ideas?  Remember, that clock is ticking!…

  Andycrafts Banyan

PS: When it comes to me, I wouldn’t say no to a pair of earrings from Banyan Jewellery, so I’ll be dropping hints in the right direction shortly!

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