Introducing “Enhance”…

EnhanceYou know the saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got?”  Well at Giving & Living in 2015 we have a brand new area called ‘Enhance’ for you.  This is the place to take a fresh look at how you do business.  You’ll discover new and innovative products to complement your existing ranges, widen your appeal, and boost your sales.  Why not think outside the (gift) box?  See what you could add to your offering, in this special area, where you can take the time to touch, compare and experiment, at your leisure.

How about sourcing services that could help you to do business more efficiently and profitably?  Well this is also your opportunity to meet business services providers who can help you with everything from your shop displays, gift wrap, bags and packaging to marketing, website design, printing and EPOS systems.   Look out for the sign at the show, and let ‘Enhance’ inspire you to add new items to your offering, enrich your business, and increase your profits!

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