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Hockin & Roberts Ltd

Stand A641
High Tide Jewellery

Stand A728
Small World

Stand A132
Scented Sachets Ltd

Stand A130
Hootchie Mama

Stand A840
Silverthorne Designs

Stand A743
Shifting Sands Ltd

Stand A818
1962 Ltd / Blue Lily.925 Silver

Stand A625
TWF International

Stand A454
Sawley Fine Arts Ltd

Stand A404
GoCustom Clothing

Stand A125
EyeLevel Sunglasses

Stand A220

Stand A105
Baileys Pewter

Stand A851
Harlequin Jewellery

Stand A710
Western Counties Wholesale Ltd

Stand A801

Stand A355

Stand A724
Little Spring Ltd

Stand A526
The Cornish Workshop

Stand A841
glass on glass

Stand A849
Mulberry Studios Ltd

Stand A238/139
Lyonesse Designs

Stand A640
Jane Faires Art

Stand A707
Alchemy Carta Ltd

Stand A230
Jon Scarle Agencies

Stand A619
Batik Indah

Stand A119
Sienna Glass Ltd

Stand A104
Radford Supplies Ltd

Stand A118
Black Dog

Stand A746
Celtic and Welsh Jewellery

Stand A618

Stand A709
Moo Cow Studios

Stand A111
Tactic Games

Stand A828
Terra Bella Gems

Stand A739
Miss Beaujangles

Stand A741
Morrigan Ltd

Stand A536
Pocket Mountains Ltd

Stand A607
Dolphin Minerals

Stand A721
Simon Smith Agencies

Stand A733
Rockshop Wholesale

Stand A608
Wild Things Gifts Ltd

Stand A205
Treats with a twist

Stand A249
Madaraff Ltd

Stand A824
Neil MacLeod Prints

Stand A204
Gone Crabbing

Stand A820
Henderson Group

Stand A202
Jo Downs Glass Design

Stand A645
Sweetmans Trading Ltd

Stand A124

Stand A206
Wilton Bradley Ltd

Stand A550/451
The Cats Whiskers

Stand A833
Pineapple Island Ltd

Stand A518/423
Greenleaf Crafts

Stand A844
Coastal Accessories

Stand A320/221

Stand A504
Paradise Jewellery

Stand A704
A.B Gee Ltd Ripley Ltd

Stand A234
S H Sales (Nottingham) Ltd

Stand A501
Silver Jewellery Cavern

Stand A416/321
Silver Sapling

Stand A808
Studio 27

Stand A620
Atmosphere Publishing Ltd

Stand A129
RyanTown Toys & Gifts

Stand A616

Stand A619
Faye UK Ltd

Stand A340
The Bug Store

Stand A712
F & J Collection

Stand A318/219
Yellow Publications Ltd

Stand A750
Furzedown Gallery

Stand A742
New English Teas Ltd

Stand A102

Stand A620
Outstanding Map Distributor Ltd

Stand A751
Sea Gems Ltd

Stand A405
Heaven Spring Salt Lamps

Stand A406
Heart Shack

Stand A806
Cornish Magpie

Stand A850
Bramble Foods Ltd

Stand A638
Purbeck Candles

Stand A744
Grasshopper Ltd

Stand A553
Elgate Products Ltd

Stand AA520/425
Claire Vaughan Designs

Stand A633
Jo Thomas Jewellery

Stand A842
Boyce & Company Packaging Ltd

Stand A720

Stand A740
SDL Imports Ltd - Gifts & Toys

Stand A549
Clarence & Bean Ltd

Stand A345
The Giftware Association

Stand A01
Payment Sense

Stand A255

Stand A749
Royal County Products

Stand A359
Gringo Imports

Stand A410/317
Pigment Productions

Stand A439
Stands Out Ltd

Stand A444
Instant Gifts InternationalLtd

Stand A737
Global Journey Ltd

Stand A838
Gebro Toys

Stand A821
Emmeline Simpson

Stand A747
Westair Reproductions Ltd

Stand A120
Life's a Breeze Ltd

Stand A705
SK Style Ltd

Stand A804
Pocket Money Plus Ltd

Stand A519

Stand A440/339
The Sea Shed Ltd

Stand A719
KandyToys Ltd of Exeter

Stand A140/259
Proctor & Clark

Stand A621
Berserks Glass Works

Stand A639
The Little Map Company

Stand A106
Richard Lang & Son Ltd

Stand A338/239
Designed by Brett and Leni

Stand A848
Gifted Wholesale

Stand A832
Roelofs and Rubens

Stand A846
Fashion X Factor Ltd

Stand A819
Viking Sport & Leisure Ltd

Stand A455
Quay Traders Ltd

Stand A402
A trusted name in giftware and homeware wholesaling committed to high quality, outstanding services and competitive prices.
Nomads Clothing Limited

Stand A733
The Puppet Company Ltd.

Stand A138
Talbot Fashions LLP

Stand A505
EST1980 UK's leading wholesale supplier of the gift boxed "TIDE JEWELLERY" brand of natural paua shell pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches & more. Also wholesale fashion jewellery, hair accessories & gift lines. colour catalogue available. New "WISH" range coming soon.
SSP Hats Ltd

Stand A305
We have the widest collection of hats and accessories available in the UK and with a large UK stock holding and speedy next day delivery your new hats & accessories will be with you in no time.
Panopoly UK

Stand A218
Farrah's of Harrogate Ltd

Stand A559
Norfolk China Ltd

Stand A241
Berber Leather Ltd

Stand A706
Berber Leather specialises in high-quality handmade leather satchels, bags and purses from Morocco. Great gifts for both men and women and best seen in person; we have no minimum order so please visit our stand!
British Fossils

Stand A539

Stand A138
Nordic London Jewellery

Stand A629
Superbia Fashion Ltd

Stand A325