Giving & Living Exhibitor List

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Aarow Sales/G Chipperfield AgcsStand A205

ABitQuackersStand A355

Ambiente Europe B.VStand B227

Apples To Pears LtdStand B219

artichoke cardsStand B343

Atmosphere Publishing LtdStand B609

Aurora World UK LtdStand A408

Babbacombe Pottery CollectionStand B431

Baileys PewterStand B759

Batik IndahStand A119

Miss BeaujanglesStand B648

Beautifully HandcraftedStand A714

Beeline Products LtdStand B429

Berserks Glass WorksStand B430

Betty BoynsStand B345

Black DogStand B646

Bobby's Foods LtdStand A214

Boing JewelleryStand B321

Bomb CosmeticsStand A205

Boozi Body CareStand B427

Boxworth BotanicalsStand B434

Boyce & Company Packaging LtdStand B620

Bramble Foods LtdStand A640

Brighton Roc Julian ParkerStand B757


British FossilsStand B244

ButtermilkStand A331

Cadwyn Fair Trade GiftsStand B302

CAN TasticStand A124

Carole Group LtdStand B418

Carrier 3PLStand A310

Celtic and Welsh JewelleryStand B239

Claire Vaughan DesignStand A430

Clarence & Bean LtdStand A345

Cleopatra Trading LtdStand A404

Coastal AccessoriesStand A320/221

Colcards of MalvernStand B618

ColeStand B614

Cornish MagpieStand B540

Cornish Pewter & Ceramics CoStand A617

Designed by Brett and LeniStand B543

Dolphin MineralsStand B640

DreamlightStand A111

DunoonStand A304

Ebb Flow CornwallStand A619

EDUK8 Worldwide LtdStand A451

Elgate Products LtdStand A520/425

Emelia Accessories LtdStand A138

Espresso EssentialStand A130

EYELEVEL SunglassesStand A220

F & J CollectionStand A318 / 219

Farrah's of Harrogate LtdStand A559

Fashion X Factor LtdStand A719

Faye UK Ltd (Eco Chic)Stand A340

Fernhill WholesaleStand A205

Fragrance and Gifts/AgenciesStand A205

Furzedown GalleryStand B755

Gebro Beach & ToysStand A721

Gift Time LtdStand B641

Glass ReliefStand B644

Glebe CottageStand B405

Global Journey LtdStand A639

Gone CrabbingStand B235

Grasshopper LtdStand A444

Gringo ImportsStand A410/317

GWP UK LtdStand B419/418

Half Moon BayStand B538

Heart of the CountryStand A111

Heaven Spring Salt LampsStand A738

Henderson GroupStand A202

High Tide JewelleryStand B319

History & Heraldry LtdStand A521

Hockin & Roberts LtdStand B425

Holy Mackerel UK LtdStand B542

Hootchie MamaStand B256

iBeaniStand B745

IKH AgenciesStand B525

Indigo Worldwide LtdStand A553

InkitonStand A601

Instant Gifts International LtdStand A428

Iona BuchananStand B541

Jamali AnnayStand A129

Janice DaughtersStand B250

JBAStand A656

Jo Thomas JewelleryStand B749

Jon Scarle AgenciesStand B418

Jonart DesignStand A527

JustaddbiscuitsStand A603

KandyToys GiftsStand A140/259

KandyToys Ltd of ExeterStand A140/259

Kingfisher GiftwearStand A125

Leaf Gifts LtdStand A311

Leon Boots Co Ltd.Stand A113

Life CharmsStand B318

Link Print & Packaging LtdStand A429

Little Shop of LimitedStand B519

Little Spring LtdStand A737

Little WigwamStand B211

LWC DrinksStand A255

Lyonesse DesignsStand B428

M T Associates LtdStand A408

Madaraff LtdStand B209

Made By TalentedStand B433

MagneticJewellers.comStand A105

Marine ArtsStand A132

MassArtStand B402

MelamasterStand B613

Moocow StudiosStand A346

Morrigan LtdStand B246

Mostly MousesStand A641

Mulberry Studios LtdStand A238 / 139

NauticaliaStand A440/339

New English Teas LtdStand A102

NEW EWEStand A617

Norfolk China LtdStand A241

O J F AgenciesStand A111

Ooh I Like That DesignStand B337

Otus DesignsStand B332

Out of the Blue JewelleryStand A605

Out of the Blue KGStand A720 /621

Panopoly UKStand A218

Paradise JewelleryStand B201

Paul Liggins ArtStand B667

Pearls of the Orient LtdStand B228

Pennington & PenningtonStand B316

Pineapple Island LtdStand A518/423

Pippi and MeStand B642

Pocket Money Plus LtdStand A519

Pocket Mountains LtdStand B610

Proctor & Clark- Coast & CountyStand B307

Puckator LtdStand A502/419

Purbeck CandlesStand B652

Quay Traders LtdStand A402

Radford AccessoriesStand A118

Rainy DaysStand B429a

Richard Lang & Son LtdStand A338/239

Rockshop WholesaleStand B241

Roelofs and RubensStand B432

Rose Madder LondonStand B650

Royal County ProductsStand A359

S H Sales (Nottingham) LtdStand B510

Salcombe Dairy (UK) LtdStand A540

Santoro LtdStand A354

Sawley Fine Arts LtdStand A406

SDL Imports Ltd - Gifts & ToysStand A549

Se-Hara BlueStand A718

Sea Gems LtdStand B530

Serendipity Candle CompanyStand B753

Sherriff DesignsStand B603

Sienna Glass LtdStand A104

Silver Jewellery CavernStand B602/503

Silverthorne DesignsStand B341

Simon Smith AgenciesStand B529

Small WorldStand A208

Smile Jewellery LtdStand B248

SSP Hats & AccessoriesStand A305

Stands Out LtdStand B619

Stock4UStand A620

Studio 27Stand B218

Superbia Fashion LtdStand B515

T H March & Co LimitedStand A526

Talbot Fashions LLPStand A505

Terra Bella GemsStand B537

The Cats WhiskersStand A733

The Cornish WorkshopStand B743

The Crafty Kit Company LtdStand A408

The Green Board Game Co.Stand A650

The Little Map CompanyStand A106

The Mineral WarehouseStand B420

The National Park Card CompanyStand B320

The WorkboxStand B339

Thomas Benacci LtdStand B418

Tobar Group Trading LtdStand A618

Tor MarkStand B621

Tracy NunnStand B339

Treats with a twistStand A249

TWF International LtdStand A454

TY UK LtdStand A602

Verco Toys BVBAStand A554

Viking Sport & Leisure LtdStand A455

Welsh Connection HomewaresStand A702

Westair Reproductions LtdStand A120

Western Counties Wholesale LtdStand A701

Wholesale StationersStand A536

Wild Things Gifts LtdStand B519

Willow and Company GreetingsStand A638/537

World of 3DStand A416/321

Yellow Publications LtdStand B539

YH-ArtsStand A111

ZamsoeStand B237
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