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Jane Faires Art

Stand A707
Jane Faires Art is based in Devon and produces fine art greetings cards taken from original paintings by Jane. The cards are printed using vegetable inks on responsibly sourced board.

Stand A656
Cornwall, Devon, Union Jack and coastal souvenirs, textiles and gifts, Peter Rabbit home wares, holiday Confectionery, postcards.
Jo Downs Glass Design

Stand A654
One of the world's most prominent fused glass artists, Jo Downs' handcrafted range draws inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscape of Cornwall and includes coasters, bowls, mirrors and hangings, alongside statement pieces including art frames and decorative wall panels.
Jo Thomas Jewellery

Stand A842
Living in Cornwall I don’t think I could avoid being inspired; I use a craft based resin, adding charms to give a theme to each of my designs.
Jon Scarle Agencies

Stand A619
Showing with GWPUKLTD, and representing Carole Group and Thomas Benacci. Fast selling regional souvenirs and to your own design. Resin magnets printed in the UK for fast repeats, to your own town/attraction. UJ, Bath, Devon, Cornwall souvenir ranges.

Stand A206
Want a bespoke gift range? We design and print gift ranges in our Dorset studio for high street retailers, tourism shops, museums, estates and attractions who would like unique high-end products to promote their local area or attraction.