Stand specifications



What is included on your stand?

Our Octanorm shell scheme stands include walls, carpet, fascia and name board.


How much does it cost?

Shell Scheme stands are priced at £298.00 + vat per square metre. Stands start from as little as 4 square metres. The cost includes a full shell scheme; walls, carpet, and fascia with name board as well as all of the show marketing benefits.

We also offer Traditional Shell Scheme stands at £333.00 + vat per square metre, which will provide you with a stand with walls of 2.74m, constructed from batten and plywood, with a muslin ceiling. Traditional stands are ideal for pictures, or greeting cards, or other wall hangings.

Space only sites are available from 18sq.m and are priced at £247.00 + vat and include carpet.

This was my first wholesale fair and I didn’t know what to expect. I have been amazed with the response and have left the show with a full order book.”

Theresa Mann
Miss Beau Jangles


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