Exciting times at Giving and Living

There are a lot of great things happening with Giving and Living at the moment.  You’ll be familiar with the new website by now, and I hope you’ve had a chance to have a look at the video of the 2012 show, which you can find on the home page.  It gives a flavour of the show and includes comments from visitors as well as an introduction to our exclusive show sectors.  We’ll be using the website to keep you up to date with regular new stories, as well as keeping in touch through twitter via @Giving_Living.  Why not follow us and see what’s happening with the show?

It’s not just the website and our ways of communicating that are changing.  The family of shows organized by the Hale Events team has grown  – we have new shows.  Two of them in fact, Expowest Westcountry and Expowest Cornwall, which brings our total up to five.  In addition to the new shows, we have new faces in the office.  We have a new member of staff, Jennifer Trotman, who joined us last week as marketing executive, and two more new recruits will be joining the sales team shortly.  That’s Jennifer on the left – so please keep a look out for her at next year’s show and say hi if you spot her.  With all these changes going on, it’s a busy but exciting time!


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