Sunshine and souvenirs

There’s nothing like a heat wave to make us want to spend some time by the beach, and maybe even in the sea. Who doesn’t like a trip to the seaside? And whilst they say “take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints“, most of us actually like to take a little something home as a souvenir.  Looking at the exhibitors that have booked in lately, here’s just a little personal selection of things that have caught our eye, which we’d quite like to take home with us this summer.

Having only recently visited Clevedon Pier, this greeting card from Artichoke Cards, part of their Great British Seaside cards range, is perfect.  We don’t think we could bring ourselves to send it to someone else though, it would have to take pride of place on the wall. With piers, lighthouses, beach huts and more, there’s bound to be one that appeals to you too.

Roelofs and Rubens offer a charming collection of handmade and hand painted blue and white tableware, along with hanging decorations and other gifts, and we’re thinking this cute little blue fish would look lovely hanging in a bathroom somewhere.  We’re quite tempted by their Sail Milk Jug too.

We’d love to splash out on this piece of seaside themed kilnformed handmade glassware from Glass Relief.  Standing in pride of place on a window sill, catching the light, it would be like having a wave of our very own at home, for those days when the summer and the beach seem a long way away.

Finally, this lovely sterling silver daisy bracelet from Designed by Brett and Leni would be like having a piece of Cornwall with us all the time, which sounds like a great excuse to treat yourself to something a little bit special, doesn’t it?

There’s just so much to choose from amongst the exhibitors at the show in January that, like us, you’ll be spoilt for choice. What do you think your customers would like to be buying next summer?

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