New features for shows – Are they hitting the mark?

Definitely part of our growing excitement as we move into Autumn are the new features being introduced this year at various shows.

There was the new Retail Store at Autumn Fair. Is this initiative pointing the way for other shows?! Autumn Fair were certainly one of the first to introduce surgeries and seminars. The talking point seminar I attended was both informative and well attended.

This year Giving & Living is opting for retail and etail surgeries, where visitors will be able to benefit from individually tailored sessions on everything from multi-channel retailing to social media and mobile technology. But I know that, recently visitors were asked to indicate their interest in such features as fashion shows, a demo/testing area and an evening social event? Are these possibilities for the future in Exeter? Have you got a favourite feature you would like to see?

Whatever happens you can be sure that Giving & Living will retain it’s strong association with the South West and all that it particularly excels at. More on this in my next post …!

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